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Eddie the American bulldog

This is the story of our puppy, Eddie.
My husband knew he wanted a dog, so he did a lot of research on several different types of dogs.  He wanted a dog with a good temperament, since we do have grandchildren.  So in April 2011, he found a breeder, Matt, of American bull dogs and English bull dogs.
The first time we saw Eddie, he was in the pen with his sisters and brothers, and he had the most calm demeanor of all the puppies.  He then looked up at us and reached up on the side of the pen to be picked up.
We brought our puppy home and he became the spoiled puppy of the neighborhood, park, hardware store, grocery store, and even 7-Eleven.
On Jan. 8, 2013, we took Eddie to his vet, because he seemed to be panting more then normal and was not sleeping well at night. They started running a lot of tests on him, of which, all came back negative.
We were visiting the vet almost on a daily basis. The following week I had to go out of town. My husband became more concerned as his condition continued to deteriorate.  When I came back from my trip the following Saturday, my husband and puppy picked me up from the airport. Eddie was having a hard time breathing and his tongue was blue, so we took him straight to the emergency room.
The vet on call that night told us that we had a very sick puppy, and that he needed specialized treatment. That is the first time we heard about BluePearl. It turns out, Eddie had lymphoma in his chest, abdomen and liver.  We were happy we finally had a diagnosis, but totally stressed out as to how to pay for this. My husband is on dialysis and I am the only one working and maintaining the household.  We did not have pet insurance, as we were trying to find a policy that would work into our limited budget.
Frankie's Friends is a Godsend for us, because without it, I do not know how we could pay for his treatments.
We all love our animals, and I really thought we were going to lose our puppy.
Thank you for being there.