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Truffles' Story of a Freed Spirit

Truffles, an active 1-year-old chocolate lab, never met a stuffed anything she didn’t love…to eat. Unfortunately, this insatiable appetite was almost the metro Atlanta canine’s undoing. When Truffles’ owner noticed she wasn’t playing or eating as usual, a visit to the veterinarian was in order. X-rays revealed something less than appetizing—an intestinal blockage caused by a foreign body, that if not removed could cause a rupture.

Unfortunately, the cost of prior medical issues left Truffles’ owner unable to afford the life-saving surgery the dog needed. Frankie’s Friends came to the rescue, making the procedure possible, unsticking Truffles from her predicament and returning her to her formerly frisky self.

“I’ve removed throw pillows and toys with stuffing,” says the dog’s mom. “And now we’re closer than ever. I thank Frankie’s Friends for this great gift.”

Truffles and Charlie Brown_Final(1)