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Barkley '150% Recovered'

Barkley—a sweet pit bull—could be considered a lot of things: an attention hog, a love-bug, and now thanks to Frankie’s Friends, a spectacular success story. At 6 years old, Barkley became gravely ill, constantly thirsty and unable to greet his family at the door (a favorite pastime). After a considerable quest to find the root of his illness, Barkley was diagnosed with a rare but curable disorder: primary hyperparathyroidism. His family, however, had exhausted their resources in their search for a cure and couldn’t afford lifesaving surgery. With heavy hearts, they considered euthanasia rather than let their beloved pet suffer. Frankie’s Friends of Georgia stepped in and helped pay for the life-saving procedure. Barkley now has the chance to live a long and healthy life, and his joyful family has their pet back. Today, he’s “150% recovered,” and to everyone’s delight, again able to “give that loving greeting when we walk through the door.”

Barkley Photo

Killah Gets Life From Frankie's Friends

I am greatly appreciative for the financial help you gave my family by providing treatment for our 3-month-old pit bull/beagle, Killah Lopez. I am also very thankful for the staff and veterinarians at BluePearl Veterinary Partners for helping us take care of our puppy.

Without them, who knows what would have happened. Our dog is always happy and playing with everyone. He has a great personality and again I want to thank you for the support you gave us.

I am sure our dog Killah is also thankful for the love and support you have given him. We promise to keep in touch with Frankie’s Friends charitable pet foundation.

Your foundation has made a very big difference to those who aren’t capable of the required funds and I’m sure many families have appreciated your foundation as much as we have. Thank you a million times more.


Vasquez/Lopez family