Elmo loved to play ball and his favorite game was keep away. He would chase the ball whenever it was thrown for him, but getting it back from him was almost impossible and all our human antics were his favorite part of the game. He would gallop about with the ball in his mouth until you stopped chasing him. Then he would lie down and watch over his ball until someone in the room moved again. Then he would grab up his ball and stand ready to run if you came anywhere near him. It was great fun to watch him enjoy keeping the ball away from us. Every great once in a while, if he felt he was being ignored, he would bring his ball and drop it at the feet of an unsuspecting sucker and the game would begin again as soon as the ball was thrown. Elmo could be in the middle of playing a game with someone and all I had to do was take his harness off the hook and he would immediately drop the ball and come to me. He loved to play, but he loved to work even more. Thank you to NYC Veterinary Specialists for giving me the last two months with Elmo. It was a gift of immeasurable value to me.