In January, 2000, most of my family went to the county pound to pick out a playmate for my current dog, Charlie. New arrivals - eight part husky puppies - were in a pen together. Seven of the eight did look like husky puppies....then, there was one odd looking puppy, nearly all white (unlike his brothers and sisters) and pretty small. My eight year old niece keyed in on him immediately and thus, Miller Eugene Marler joined my family. Miller was always my sweet boy; quiet and introverted. He was a follower, not a leader. Playful as a young dog, he mellowed in mid age and became a wonderful companion to me. We would work outside in the yard together or watch TV together - Miller never complained about anything but taking a bath and stayed by my side whenever I was home.

I will miss my sweet boy, as others before him, but, Miller holds a special place in my heart. Miller understood when I was happy as well as when I was sad and reacted like a best friend would; smile or cry with me. He always understood me and probably was my best friend.

Miller died of cancer on September 26, 2011....only 11-1/2 years old. Much too young to go for his size. He was cremated and now rests beneath a beautiful red azalea in my back yard.

Stay sweet my little boy - I will always remember my dear friend and companion.