For those that knew Frosty, they'll remember he was one of a kind. He was a grand dog - full of spunk and personality. He was smarter than a dog should be and had plenty to say to me most days. He was a great talker and he loved his toys - the pink pig and the Wubba. More than anything, he was by my side through some very hard times - my constant companion in a very intuitive way. I have wonderful memories of him. He was my boy. - Christine

Dogs by Aaron Kramer Looking foolish next to the tree in a one o'clock rain: umbrella aloft, the leash in my other hand— I wanted my late-coming neighbor to understand that dogs are worth the expense, inconvenience, and pain;

their tails are truthful, no coiled rebellion beneath a loving look; they are quick to kiss you, and quick to fetch for you, and —should you raise a stick threateningly—they are quick to show their teeth;

and better still (but this I never revealed), when you bring downfall home, the death of a hope, their nonchalant manner does more for you than a drink; and best of all, when triumph's to be unsealed, such lack of respect they show for the envelope, —your fingers halt, the brain cools, and you think.