Pepper came into our family's life in 1998. He was a spunky, loving and protective dog when it came to the family. Pepper was a dog who loved to run. He was virtually un-catchable because he was so fast. He was also a companion who never liked to be left alone. Wherever you went, Pepper wanted to be there. He also loved to relax in the pool on his special float and be with the family soaking up the sun and cool water. Pepper touched each of our lives in a different way, but he filled each of our hearts with love, joy and hope. Shortly after his 14th birthday, Pepper fell ill to IMHA (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia) and it was BluePearl Veterinary Partners that helped us keep Pepper around for another five months. Pepper taught us not to give up and to keep on fighting until the very end as he did. Pepper was a joy to have in our lives and an even better companion to share 14 wonderful years with. We will always love and miss him dearly.

- Joanna