In memory of our sweet little kitty, Ms. Basia B. McWilliams. From the second we met, truly a moment of pure fate when we accidentally ran over you with the car as you hid in fear from being lost, until the day I held you in my arms 13 years later as you passed on, you've brought nothing but pure joy into our lives. My heart aches so much for all the pain you had to suffer through your illness, and the guilt weighs heavily on my heart about making the right choices for you at the right time , but none of that outweighs the love I will always feel for you in my heart.

Take care and wait for us until it's time for us to join you again. Find the softest beds with the best burrowing covers, the fluffiest pile of cats to nestle into when you feel lonely, the shiniest sink with the fanciest faucet to drink from, and the recliner with the best window view of the birds for us to share when I get there. And be happy while you wait.

We will never, ever forget the little Polish stranger that changed our lives for the better every day for 13 whole years. We love you, Basia. God speed, my sweet little friend, and thank you for everything.

Love to you always and forever,

Beth, Tof, Aidan, and Miles Barnum, Bailey, and Bianca