MaxwellMaxwell was born in June of 1999 and was brought home to live with the family in August of that same year. He originally lived with his cousins (J)oseph, (A)nthony & (K)ayla (this is where the name "JAK" came from) unitl September of 1999. That same month, Maxwell went to live with Connie, Tina and their pug Maxi. It was then he began using the name JAK not to confuse the family. His sister Maxi sadly passed away. Not wanting him to feel lonely, a new addtion was brought into the family....a crazy female pug named Raven. Until the Summer of 2011 JAK lived in Staten Island, NY then he and his sister moved to Cape Cod, MA to live the remainder of his life peacfully by the ocean. JAK enjoyed lazy days cuddling with his family and giving much love to all that came in contact with him. JAK unfortunately began to develop many medical complications during his last couple of years of life. If it wasn't for the love of Connie and Tina and the care of his doctors, JAK's quality of life would have diminished much sooner. At the time of his death in the fall of 2013 JAK remained a loving constant in the family. On April 15, 2013 JAK's cousin Charlie was born and was brought home to live with his family in Cumming, Georgia in June of 2013. On December 26, 2013 at 8 months old, Charlie was diagnosed with a liver shunt and became very ill. Charlie's situation became very serious and his prognosis without surgery was dim. If it wasn't for the love of Charlie's Aunt Connie and Aunt Tina, who live in New York, Charlie wouldn't be here today. Their generosity and unconditional love for Charlie and all animals allowed him to have the life saving surgery at the Georgia Veterinary Specialist (GVS) in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Today Charlie has become a happy and vibrant young puppy giving much love and joy to his family.