I wanted to Thank you all for taking such good care of Mattie. I felt confident Mattie was in the best of hands during her surgery. I was worried Blue Pearl was going to be a large and impersonal hospital, and that was not the case. We felt so welcomed at your clinic and at ease. Even Mattie didn't mind walking through your door. I wish things could have turned out different, but I am grateful for the 40 extra days she lived after her surgery. We made the most of our time together. This is hard having her not here. Mattie was such a special dog. She was the most devoted dog I have ever known. She was always by my side. I catch myself turning around to see if she is right behind me.

I will never forget how everyone was so nice and kind and supportive. I am grateful for Frankie's Friends. Without them and the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund, I wouldn't have had the extra time with Mattie, so I thank you all.