Roo, aka Doodal, Hims, Hims-Doodle, Rooster, Rooster-Doodle-Scooch, and Peanut — among other nicknames — was a five-pound little man who went to ‘big-dog heaven’ in April, where he joined his Uncle Mojo. We almost lost him in 2009, when the staff at BluePearl saved his lifeby performing extensive surgery. After two stays in the ICU, we took him home to enjoy five more happy years. On the nights he was in the ICU, I would call and talk to the people caring for him, only to learn that he had conned them into holding him when things were not busy. They all claimed he was ‘their’ dog. Roo made many friends during his journey on earth because he made everyone believe he loved them best, even self-proclaimed “cats-only” people.

There are no words to describe how sweet he was and how much he is missed. He was and will always be our special little guy.