I wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone at Frankie's Friends. We had a 9 and a half year old English bulldog named Rocky who ended up at the vet with some breathing problems. A few visits to the vet were somewhat inconclusive, and the bills were really piling up. Without a foundation like Frankie's friends we would have never been able to afford to get all the testing done necessary to find out what was really going with our special guy. This was already an incredibly trying time for us all, and having the financial burden lifted off of our backs was a huge stress reliever considering what was going on with him. In the end Rocky passed quickly and painlessly surrounded by those that loved him and he didn't have to live in pain (he had an inoperable heart tumor surrounding his aorta). Without Frankie's friends we would never have been able to afford the amount of testing that led to his diagnoses, nor been able to make the right decision for Rocky. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.