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Happy Tails of Pets We've Helped

Meghan - Time to Live and Time to Love

149My heart goes out to all of you… the founders, the board, the vets, the owners and most of all the PATIENTs who have benefitted from your funds. I am honored that we are able to be a recipient of your assistance, although I would not wish this on anyone. 150I have set up a public Silpada party to benefit Frankie’s Friends which I will do for a few months or longer as response indicates. I am forever grateful for the TIME you have given us… Here is a lil blip I wrote this am to friends and family and shared on your Facebook page, too. Many of you know what is like to love a pet so deeply that the thought of losing them makes it near impossible to B R E A T H E! Others do not and that is okay! For I pray that someday you get to experience the joy and unconditional love of a dog! GOD>DOG<GOD

photo (2)Ground Zero for the Beginning of the End for us was Dec 8, 2012, my deceased Father’s birthday. At bedtime, I discovered enlarged Lymph nodes on Mehgan’s legs and Neck! My heart sank and tears flowed like a tsunami crashing on the shores… see I knew, I just knew this was Lymphoma. Day One Dec 10, 2012 Confirmation: High Grade Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Stage IIIa I am very GRATEFUL and ANGRY at the same time… Still processing all of this. ANGRY because they live such short lives!!!! More GRATEFUL, today because this means I am Choosing to show her every day, even more, how much I love her because tomorrow may not come.

Meghan 3This lesson is a powerful one. We all need to live as if tomorrow may never come, with our humans and fur friends. I lost my Gidget in 2000 on the same day that she was diagnosed with Hemangiosoarcoma. I was NOT granted the TIME with her! My world crumbled to pieces that day! I was so bitter with GOD and sought answers to questions that were unanswerable.

From the day Meghan chose us at AWL Animal Shelter I have prayed for TIME. Time with Meghan …time to live, time to love, time help, time to know! So here we are! We are treating her with Chemo WIS Protocol, modified because of her history. This is a 6 month treatment with hopes of remission in 4 weeks. Or the Prognosis will deteriorate. Treating her most likely renders us another year or more of QUALITY life. Historically patients not treated at all die within weeks or month.

006Most of you understand the gravity and love in our decision. Those that don’t I ask for your support anyway. She is our FUR CHILD and my love for her will never end. Spirits and hopes high for this journey. Dec 11, 2012 Mehgan is responsive to Week One Treatment of Vincristine as many of her lymph nodes are smaller this morning. She is eating and drinking and you would never know she is fighting this “C” word like so many loved ones have before. I am grateful, for the knowledge and research we have today. For the love and support of my husband, Darrin. For the understanding of friends and colleagues and church For the Staff and Doctors of Blue Pearl: Oncology, Tampa For Frankie’s Friends for helping fund Mehgan’s treatment plan.