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Shep was an Australian shepherd and Labrador mix. He was one of seven puppies our lab-mix, Scout, gave birth to on our sofa. Of the seven, he was the only one with the Australian shepherd markings. He was just beautiful. From the start he proved to be somewhat of a "Marley," but his love and loyalty for our family far outweighed his antics. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in July 2011. He underwent about six weeks of chemo before he passed away September 8, 2011, just a month shy of his 10th birthday. His treatments and care, though expensive, were worth it because his was a life worth saving. And even though we were not able to save him, we would like to give to a family in honor of Shep. Maybe this donation will help them save their four-legged baby. Shep truly was our most loyal companion and we miss him everyday. - Jenny