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Frankie's Friends


Zoey was a truly exceptional dog who loved every dog, cat and person that she met. We were blessed with only six short years, but even though we are deeply saddened by our loss, we are grateful that we knew her and got to celebrate her life. The Pfaltzgraf Family


In memory of Polly, from Aimee-Marie


In loving memory of my Jackson, Melissa


Kasha, on Mother's Day

This gift is in memory of Kasha Hornick-Becker, our beloved family dog who recently passed away, and in honor of our mom, Amy,  on Mother's Day. Our mother, Amy, is a caring, loving, and supportive pet mommy (and people mommy too). Kasha was loved deeply and will be missed, but we know that Amy gave her the greatest life a dog could wish for.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Audrey, Chelsea, and Daryl


Hudson was only with us for two short years, but in that time he made a huge impact on many people. He was a big friendly goofball and was always up for an adventure. Hudson will be missed. - Caroline



Nash and Silver, Together Again

Nash left us on October 8, 2012. He was with us through for 14 years, through several close calls, which could have taken him sooner, but each time he pulled through because he wanted to stay with the ones who loved him. He finally used his nine lives on October 8 and met with his mate Silver who passed away on September 11. We love and miss them terribly. We found out he had cancer somewhere in his intestine and Silver was diagnosed with cancer in her esophagus. Mercifully they did not suffer long and went to heaven to play and run free! - Debra



“Snookum’s” Lacey was a sweet dog who greeted you with so much happiness and love every time you saw her. She is missed deeply and loved by many who knew her! We love you, sweet Lacey!


Missy and Jamie






Our Little Girl, ChuChu

ChuChu was the love of mommy for many years. She was a gorgeous little girl that we all adored. We will always remember you as our little girl. - Linda


Shep was an Australian shepherd and Labrador mix. He was one of seven puppies our lab-mix, Scout, gave birth to on our sofa. Of the seven, he was the only one with the Australian shepherd markings. He was just beautiful. From the start he proved to be somewhat of a "Marley," but his love and loyalty for our family far outweighed his antics. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in July 2011. He underwent about six weeks of chemo before he passed away September 8, 2011, just a month shy of his 10th birthday. His treatments and care, though expensive, were worth it because his was a life worth saving. And even though we were not able to save him, we would like to give to a family in honor of Shep. Maybe this donation will help them save their four-legged baby. Shep truly was our most loyal companion and we miss him everyday. - Jenny

Dakota, Victoria's 'Heart' Dog

Dakota was my heart dog, my novice and everything dog.  He introduced me to agility and achieved his master agility championship in three years.  He was my first obedience dog.  He will always hold a special place in my heart, and I think of him often.  His only desire was to love and please me, and he gave me so much in his years on this earth.

- Victoria


Snookums was a friend to everyone, a loveable dog - Jim and Karen



He was everyone’s best friend -- even dogs' best friend!