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Mutt Thompson

Mutt lost his two-year battle with cancer on June 22, 2010. He left behind his family; William & Dorothy Thompson; one brother, Little Jake; and three sisters, Lady, Neesha and Boots. Mutt was born in early 1999. His mother's body was dumped in the woods on Ridge Road, south of Excelsior Springs, Mo. After she had her pups, she was shot and killed. On March 24, 1999, Mutt became part of our family, along with our other four dogs.

From the first day, Mutt was very special. He could sleep anywhere he wanted and he always got along with other members of our family.

After Mutt came to live with us, someone dumped a little Beagle pup, which we named Jake. Once Jake started to hunt, Mutt and Jake were always together. Sometimes they'd be gone for hours. We could always hear Jake, but Mutt never barked. Whenever I went to look for them, they were always together. I believe Mutt was telling Jake to be quiet, so that they could catch rabbits.

We have had 17 dogs and one cat during our 49 years together, all have been special, but Mutt was exceptional.

There are a lot more stories about Mutt, but the real story is: we loved Mutt and he loved us and when my time comes, I know Mutt will be there for me.




Dolce Gia

Dolce Gia blessed us with her life for almost four wonderful years. God broke the mold when he created this sweet little Maltese, even with her Chronic Rhinitis. She was truly the best thing to ever happen to our family & we miss her terribly. WE LOVE YOU DOLCE GIA!!!