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Frankie's Friends is honored to partner with the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Fund to help family owned pets diagnosed with cancer.   

JLACF was a standalone foundation created to assist owners and families of pets who are in need of cancer treatment with a good prognosis to return to a normal quality of life. 

As of 2019, Frankie's Friends will oversee the applications for assistance and donations supporting the JLACF. 

The JLACF in partnership with Frankie's Friends has two missions:

  • To raise money for the treatment of cancer in animals where pet owners are unable to afford the cost of therapy; and

  • To raise awareness about the advances that have been made in the field of Veterinary Oncology.

    With your help, we can bridge the gap between what is financially feasible and what is medically possible.

If you have a pet diagnosed with cancer and need help paying for lifesaving cancer treatments, we may be able to help. To see the criteria for assistance and apply for funding, click below.  

Frankie’s Friends and the JLACF helped Maverick from Green Bay, WI to get chemo treatment. This is a note from his family.

We would like to thank you for your donation and support for our baby Maverick. Maverick is like a son to us, as we have no children of our own. We are so grateful for any support we have received and to know that it grants us more time with our dog, means everything to us. We rescued Maverick from a high kill shelter seven years ago and it was the best decision of our lives. He goes everywhere with us and is our spunky little guy. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
— Maverick's Family


I just thought I would give a quick update on maverick. He has one final chemo treatment left (scheduled for 7/22). We are so ecstatic that he only has the one treatment remaining!! He has been doing so well these last couple rounds. I think they found the perfect dose to give him where he doesn’t feel bad and he still gets to enjoy going to his favorite doggy daycare and playing with other pups. His fur has almost completely grown back since his tumor removal surgery too. I’m attaching a couple of pictures of what he has been up to lately. One is from the 4th of July and the other is him with his doggy “cousin” Ricky.


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 1.36.15 PM.png

The Back Story

Dr. Joshua Louis Lachowicz is a board-certified Veterinary Oncologist who practices at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in New York City. Joshua is also a singer/ songwriter who performs under the stage name Joshua Louis. By blending his knowledge of medicine and music, he co-founded the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation (“JLACF”), a philanthropic effort to help both people and pets.