Every day, working dogs help save the lives of humans whether rescuing them from rubble or tracking down hiding criminals. With canine help, police officers and search and rescue workers avoid potential injuries and life threatening situations, and innocent lives are saved.

But unlike a person going into a dangerous situation, working dogs don’t consider their own health or the risks involved. When locked on a scent, they are so focused on remaining on track that they will run through broken glass, contaminated water and other hazards. Police dogs are routinely sent into hazardous environments to search for bomb threats, assist in drug raids and apprehend combative criminals. These K-9 Officers are such valuable members of the police force that their rapid return to good health after sustaining a serious or life threatening injury is crucial to day-to-day police activities.

Because of their dangerous working conditions, police and search and rescue dogs often sustain permanent injuries and long-term health issues which can lead to chronic pain or conditions that require on-going veterinary care. Once the dogs have retired, they no longer have insurance or medical coverage and the officer that adopts them assumes full financial responsibility for their care.  

Affordable access to veterinary care has been a longstanding concern to those who care and work with police and search and rescue dogs, especially once they retire. Frankie's Friends is proud to offer the K9 Heroes Insurance Program for retired police dogs in Michigan which provides veterinary insurance plans for K9 Officers in Southfield and Detroit, Michigan. 

Currently Frankie's Friends pays for veterinary insurance policies for 7 retired and soon to be retired working dogs in Michigan. It costs $400-$1,000 per year to insure one retired working dog, based on their age. These dogs worked hard for years to help keep our communities and loved ones safe and as a thank you for their service, they deserve continued access to the best veterinary care long into their golden years. 

Please consider donating to the K9 Heroes Insurance Program to continue providing insurance coverage for these true every day heroes, and the ones that will retire after them!