About K9 Heroes Insurance Program
Did you know that most working dogs aren't provided with insurance or medical coverage after they retire? It becomes the responsibility of their handlers to pay for the cost of their veterinary care. After years of service, Frankie's Friends believes these true every day heroes deserve the best veterinary care possible. To assist with providing these retired K9s quality veterinary care, Frankie's Friends pays for veterinary insurance policies for retired police dogs in Michigan and Florida. These dogs worked hard for years to help keep our communities and loved ones safe and as a thank you for their service, they deserve continued access to the best veterinary care long into their golden years.

Please consider donating to the K9 Heroes Insurance Program to continue providing insurance coverage for these true every day heroes, and the ones that will retire after them! With your help, we can insure even more dogs in need across the country and provide them with a happy, healthy, well deserved retirement.

Meet Bo!


Bo is a retired K9 from Tampa Police Department.

Meet Indo!

Indo has retired from Tampa PD. Read about Indo and his partner Officer Tim Bergman here. They lived together, they served and protected together. There's nothing quite like the bond between K-9 partners.

"He's been with me for over five and a half years and he's my best friend," Tampa Police Officer Tim Bergman said of K-9 partner Indo. In January, being there for his partner meant risking his own life. The two were searching an Ybor City home for a burglary suspect when they were suddenly attacked.

Frankie’s Friends is proud to be able offer insurance to this true hero!

Meet Chase!

Chase is a retired K9 from Southfield, Michigan PD. He recently benefited from the K9 insurance policy while needing specialty care with neurology for problems with his back legs. 

In a recent vet visit Chase was given a good prognosis and since treatment he is happy, comfortable and healthy!