QUEENS, NY – It happened in the blink of an eye – one minute Diesel was happy and alert, the next the 4-year-old pit bull was dragging his hind leg and weaving as he walked.

The playful pup had spent the morning of Monday, June 19 romping in the park with one of his owners, Jason de la Cruz, and his housemate, a beagle named Charlie. But now Diesel was refusing to move and was clearly in distress.


De la Cruz quickly sought help from Diesel’s primary care veterinarian, who diagnosed the dog with severe heat stroke with a temperature of 107. A dog’s normal temperature is around 102 degrees.

The veterinarian took steps to cool Diesel down, but he was suffering from bloody diarrhea and his red blood cell count plummeted. The veterinarian recommended transferring Diesel to BluePearl hospital in Queens, which has the board-certified veterinarians and advanced equipment necessary to treat severe cases of heat stroke.

Dr. Yuki Tse, a critical care specialist with BluePearl, said Diesel’s blood sugar was extremely low and his blood was not clotting properly. After stabilizing the pup, she gave him a plasma transfusion and then a full blood transfusion.

But Diesel’s care wasn’t cheap. De la Cruz and his girlfriend, Ariane Abolencia, applied for credit to cover the expense, but the cost was still beyond their reach. That’s when the BluePearl doctors decided to step in.

Together, the doctors pooled funds they receive from Frankie’s Friends, a national charity that provides financial assistance for families with pets who need lifesaving care.

“Diesel is a spunky young pup with a good prognosis for a long and healthy life with the right treatment,” said Dr. Tse. “Our hearts really went out to his owners and we wanted to do what we could to help them reunite.”

It was a huge relief for de la Cruz and Abolencia. They adopted Diesel when he was just a puppy. They describe him as a sweet dog and a “big doofus” who loves to crawl into bed with them and steal the covers.

“We were just so thankful,” Abolencia said. “We can’t say enough about the care Diesel got from BluePearl – and we’re especially thankful to Dr. Tse for refusing to give up on him!”

After several days of care, Diesel began to show signs of improvement. He ate a few slices of deli turkey and some rotisserie chicken. And his red blood cell count began moving in the right direction. The best news of all came Sunday when Diesel was discharged from BluePearl to his family.

“This is the kind of outcome we always hope for,” said Danielle Martin, Executive Director of Frankie’s Friends. “It’s why our organization exists. We’re hopeful Diesel and his owners will have many more happy years of wrestling over the covers together.”

Eddie Croman Fund

The Eddie Croman Fund was created by the Croman family in memory of their special pup, Eddie, a Jack Russell terrier, who lived past his 17th birthday! He was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat, for which he received a pacemaker and medication that helped normalize his heartbeat. Eddie was little, but mighty, and he won everyone's heart.

The Eddie Croman Fund assists pets with heart and/or kidney disease, whose families cannot afford the cost of treatment.

To reach the Eddie Croman Foundation please click HERE.

Please donate to the Eddie Croman Fund.

Your donation to the Eddie Croman Fund will assist animals whose families cannot afford the cost of life-saving veterinary care.

The Eddie Croman Fund was established in Eddie's memory with the help of Frankie's Friends, a charitable pet foundation dedicated to finding cures and saving pets' lives with life-threatening conditions.

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Our pets give us unconditional love and compassion. As a tribute to their devotion to us, Frankie's Friends has created a tribute opportunity hosted at the BluePearl hospital in Midtwon Manhattan.            

The Frankie’s Friends Tribute Wall, inside the hospital’s reception area:

 1 1/2" x 3" tile  for a $250 donation.
WITHOUT PAW PRINT                                       WITH PAW PRINT
3 lines, 14 characters each line,                         2 lines, 14 characters each line,
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3" x 3" tile for a $500 donation.
WITHOUT PAW PRINT                                       WITH PAW PRINT
5 lines, 12 characters each line,                         3 lines, 12 characters each line,
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Net proceeds from each tile benefits New York area pets whose families cannot afford the cost of lifesaving emergency or specialty care.

Order online HERE

For more information contact Heather Nagy, National Development Coordinator at or call 813.682.1684

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Director of Development, National

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