Friends who support the mission of Frankie’s Friends at giving levels of $1500 or more annually come in all shapes and sizes – individuals, groups, corporations, corporate foundations and family foundations. You can become a Pawtner and help save the lives of pets in need today.

Corporate Friends

Frankie’s Friends offers corporate donors the opportunity to impact pets and their families around the country; demonstrate social responsibility through co-branding; and engage their team members in meaningful volunteer work. Partnerships may include financial or in-kind resources to support the sustainability and impact of the important work of Frankie’s Friends across the country.

Be a part of something national.

Donate to support Frankie’s Friends on a national level.
Sponsor an initiative to intensify the impact and visibility of the partnership. 
Encourage your team members to fundraise in their cities and towns. 
Share. Spread the word about the impact of our partnership with your customers and constituents.

Individuals & Foundation Friends

Our many friends – individuals, corporate foundation and family foundations – contribute to the mission of finding cures and saving pets with cancer and other life-threatening diseases in ways Frankie’s Friends cannot do alone. They help spread the word about our work and generate financial support for our programs. In turn, our individual and foundation friends impact many, many animals’ lives through their involvement with Frankie’s Friends, in ways none of us could do on our own.

Become a Pawtner

For information on Frankie’s Friends national sponsorship opportunities please contact us at 888.465.7387 or