Frankie’s Friends is a non-profit
foundation dedicated to finding cures and
saving pets with cancer and other
life-threatening conditions.

Frankie's Friends helped to save the lives of pets in need of lifesaving emergency and specialty veterinary care in 2018. Here are some of the faces of the pets we were able to save, thanks to the generosity of our incredible donors. You can help us save even more pets' lives by visiting today!

Ian Somerhalder teamed up with Royal Canin for Frankie's Friends!

Read About Frankie and Mr. D of the DeBartolo Family

Frankie was a beautiful greyhound, cherished by the DeBartolo family of Tampa, Florida. In addition to endowing the foundation with Frankie DeBartolo’s name, the foundation is endowed with her boundless spirit and vitality. Frankie died at the age of eleven in 2007.