I can’t thank you enough for your generous fund you have set up for sick pets. Zoey is my six-year-old puppy who almost died from an aggressive and rapid case of Lymphoma. When I first came into the NYC Veterinary Specialists hospital, she was laying on the floor, her lungs filled with fluid,  anemic and skinny as a rail. Her ears were always down and she was tired all the time. She fell once down the stairs once and it was the saddest thing in the world to see.

I had tried everything to get her to eat for weeks and tried herbal and cheaper alternative cures.  I had avoided chemo because I couldn't afford it.

Because of your huge heart and incredibly generous fund, Zoey is alive and back to being herself! She has gained back the 10 pounds she lost, her ears are up, she runs up and down stairs and is back to begging for treats and chasing squirrels. The day she ate meat was an exciting day! She came up to me after she finished eating it and gave me a kiss. I cried, I was so happy.

We just visited my sister who lives in northern rural Vermont to get out of the city. Zoey was well enough to climb an uphill trail and run in the snow off-leash for several days which made us very happy. She is prancing again is a very happy creature.

Zoey was a rescue from the pound in Los Angeles, when I was a graduate student. She was two months old when I rescued her at the adoption fair. The pounds in LA are overrun. All the other dogs that weren't adopted that weekend I were euthanized. I’ve always felt blessed and felt she was a gift. She has an unusually gentle and angelic spirit.

I just can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for my family and for her. She is still in treatment, but is responding really well, so hopefully she won’t need too much more. I hope some of her results can help science in the study of cancer in dogs.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love and Peace, Zoey’s mom