My name is Carlos Robinson and I am the proud parent of a pit-bull named Ice. Ice came into my life over  eight months ago after being taken from another home and placed at a dog pound. After being there for a week, I found out through my sister that he would be put to sleep unless he was adopted immediately. I felt as though it was only right for me to adopt Ice and give him a chance to live. Ice walked into my home and I knew he was the dog for me. He was so filled with love and energy and he was everything I have always wanted in a dog. In November, I noticed Ice was losing his appetite and was wanted to be left alone all the time, this was very unusual,  so I took him to the doctor. I was told that Ice had cancer, specifically T cell lymphoma, and that he was going to need chemotherapy. It was then that I was introduced to Dr. Karen Oberthaler at NYC Veterinary Specialists, who has been treating Ice since he began his treatment.

I  am very grateful for Dr. Oberthaler's care toward Ice, and would also like to thank Dr. Agnes Varis for making Ice's treatment possible and for saving his life. My family and I are very grateful for your support and the dedication you have towards animals.  May God bless you and all the staff at NYC Veterinary Specialists.