When I brought in my cat Fleur to NYC Veterinary Specialists, she had been diagnosed with a mass in her abdomen. I was advised by Dr. Rocha that the only way to ascertain the kind of cancer she had was to perform exploratory surgery. I was devastated by her illness. She is my best friend and has given me the kind of love and support during hard times that only pets can provide. I knew immediately that I would never be able to finance the surgery. I have had two hip replacements in the last two years, and my income as a decorative artist has been dramatically reduced because of my physical impediment and the recession.

It was at that moment of total helplessness and despair that Bonni Voiland told me about the Zeus Varis fund. The assistance allowed Fleur to have the operation, and although her cancer was not able to be fully excised, she will now at least have the appropriate treatment to make the last part of her life as comfortable as possible. There are really no words to thank you, Dr. Varis. Fleur is sitting next to me, and we are both so grateful to you and Zeus and the staff at NYC Veterinary Specialists.

Our very best regards and thanks for your generosity, Vesna and Fleur Bricelj

Fleur was diagnosed with an abdominal sclerosing mast cell tumor, a tumor found uniquely in the intestines of cats. She received palliative treatment until crossing the Rainbow Bridge.