We are so happy and thankful to Dr. Agnes Varis and the Zeus Varis Fund of Frankie's Friends for the financial support given to us to help Mimi live a better life with her cancer.  Special thanks also to Dr. Emily Pointer at the ASPCA.  Her love and passion for pets makes her unique. Mimi also wants to thank Dr. Pointer for introducing her to the great angels at Frankie's:  Dr. Timothy A. Rocha, thank you for your support; Bonita S. Voiland, Director, her love and interaction with us was above and beyond; Dr. Andrew E. Kyles, he is the greatest.  Nurse Alba, when she came in contact with Mimi, it was a special moment.  We want to thank Dr. Michael Rickwald and nursing manager Steve Baker.

A big hug to Dr. Varis and the great angels at Frankie's Friends from us, especially from Mimi.  Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Israel Rodriguez and family