We’d like to take this opportunity to say Thank You. If it wasn’t for the Zeus Varis Fund and Frankie’s Friends, we would never have been able to treat our little Evey. The day Evey was diagnosed with Lymphoma; our world was suddenly turned upside down. We knew we would not be able to provide adequate treatment for her and it was with an extremely heavy heart that we called and made an appointment for her to go see Dr. Oberthaler at NYC Veterinary Specialists. By the time we took Evey in, we had basically given up hope. We thought it was the beginning of the end of our time with her. We were so upset, because she’s such a young dog and had only recently fallen ill. It felt so unfair to have to say goodbye to her so soon.

Because of you, Dr. Varis and the staff at NYC Veterinary Specialists and Frankie’s Friends we have hope again. She seems to be responding well to the chemotherapy and she’s practically back to her old self. Most of our neighbors and friends can’t even tell that she’s sick at all! We recently took her to the dog park and she ran and played with our other little beagle Bailey. Words cannot truly express the feelings we had while we watching her play and run in the snow. It’s amazing to see her so full of life.

Every single day that we get to spend with Evey as a family is a true blessing.

Thank you again. The Fuentes-Eraso Family (Jose, Farah, Evey, Bailey & Baby Judith)