Our little black cat, Spooky, was adopted from the Humane Society when she was one. Playful and sweet, she quickly became a popular part of our family. Just after turning 13, she started vomiting a few times a day. We brought her in to the NYC Veterinary Specialists' office right away, where she was diagnosed with Lymphoma; there was a small mass growing in her belly.

Both David and myself had been laid off many months prior, and we were struggling with the little money we had. This was a scary time. I was completely devastated at the thought of having to make "the decision" just because we didn't have enough money to pay for it. It was out of my control and I felt like a failure.

Then we were referred to "Frankie's Friends," who let us apply for the Zeus Varis Fund. Dave and I both cried at how amazing and beautiful it was to have been given an option, and by complete strangers at that.

Charities are everywhere for different needs. I've been involved with raising money for them and felt happy for them when they hit a needed target... but I never knew what it really felt like to be the one in need and how much it really means. It is an amazing eye-opener. We plan to return the favor to the organization by making a huge donation as soon as we are back on our feet.

Thank you so much Dr. Varis, Dr. Rocha, Dr. Oberthaler, Bonnie Voiland from Frankie’s Friends and the whole oncology team at NYC Veterinary Specialists! You make every single day count for our little ones! ♥

Love, Sharon Reid, Dave Borkman, SPOOKY and the rest of the family!