Dear Dr. Agnes Varis, On January 29th, 2010 my dog, Krisna, a German Sheppard mix, was diagnosed with Fibro sarcoma cancer which later turned out to be Melanoma. This diagnosis came one week before my birthday. Words can not describe how devastating this time was for me.  Krisna has been a significant part and love of my life for over 14 years. The vet said there was nothing they could do further, so I researched this terminal disease online. This is how I came across the NYC Veterinary Specialists. Out of all the veterinary oncology teams out there NYCVS seemed to be the best.

Since the moment I walked into the hospital on February 10th, I knew I made the right choice. Everyone was extremely helpful and considerate of Krishna’s and my own well being. Dr. Karen Oberthaler took extra time out of her busy schedule to explain the disease to me and what the possible treatments were, as I was extremely nervous of making the right decision. As it turned out, surgery was the best and only option for Krisna, to remove the tumor out of her mouth. However the cost of the surgery was way past the amount I could afford as I hardly had any employment in 2009 and therefore I was worried I would not be able to save Krisna’s life. As I was waiting in the examination room Bonni Voiland introduced herself as the executive director of Frankie’s Friends and explained to me what the foundation does and that the Zues Varis fund would be able to help me fund the surgery.

Dr.Oberthler and the oncology team’s services, along with your generous contribution saved Krisna’s life. I can’t describe my gratitude to you giving Krisna another opportunity at life. Because of this miracle she is now able to live a normal-quality full-term life. I only wish that you and the entire hospital experience the joy and happiness in your lives that I feel at this time.

I asked Bonni what I could do to help Frankie’s Friends and if she had any extra fliers for me to give out. At the time I was working at the Gershwin Theatre where the Broadway show Wicked was being performed and Bonni mentioned to me that Wicked happened to be her favorite Broadway show. So, I passed along one of those fliers and told the theatre's company manager the miraculous story of the help Krisna and I received.  I hoped to get just a few tickets as a thank you to give to you, Bonni, Dr. Oberthaler, and the oncology team. The company manager ended up donating 100 tickets to Frankie’s friends and NYCVS so that the whole hospital could attend Wicked on Thursday March 4th. I was hoping to meet you at the performance  so that I could personally thank you, but Bonni informed me that you were unable to attend. You were missed and in my thoughts that night.

This sums up the amazing story of how you and Frankie’s Friends saved Krisna’s life! Up to this date, she is doing great and living a high-quality of life; eating and drinking normally and playing with her toys and stuffed animals that she loves. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you! Best wishes to you and your family and all the staff at NYCVS!

With all of our love,

Krisna and Zofia