Dear Dr.Varis, I write to thank you on behalf of our dog Senorita.  Senorita has begun her treatment thanks to the generosity of the Zeus Varis Fund of Frankie's Friends, and she is doing great.  Senorita is not only my dog, she belongs to the whole parish family of St.Joseph of the Holy Family located right on 125th St. in Harlem.  Senorita came to us 12yrs ago as an abandoned little puppy and she quickly adopted us.  She has not only been an honored member of our family she has done an incredible job of watching over the parish for the last 12 years.  She is loving and kind to all our folks and has received much love in return.  Five years ago my mother came to live with us as a result of health concerns.  The move was a difficult one, leaving a home she had lived in for many years and familiar surroundings.  Senorita solved the problem right away, she became my mother's best friend and daily companion.

I believe that Senorita's presence in my mother's life has made a discernible difference in the quality of her life these past five years.  She fusses over Senorita daily and in return is given love and devotion by Senorita.  They make quite a pair.  Senorita is also valued by the parish in general.  Everyone knows her as she is the official "welcome wagon" at the front door, ready to sniff, wag her tail and with the occasional bark for anyone she deems suspicious!  I can't tell you how happy we are to be able to see her improve in health and spirits these past few weeks.

On behalf of everyone here, I want to thank you and assure you of our prayers and best wishes for the good work your foundation is doing.  While I am a diocesan priest, Fr. Neal O'Connell a Franciscan lives and works in the parish, so he adds a special Franciscan blessing to all animals and to all who love and care for them.  Each Feast of St. Francis we have a blessing of the animals in the church, this year we will remember in a special way all the pets who have been helped and continue to be helped by your generosity.  We will also continue to pray for you and the good work you do.  One other member of the family wants to say thank you, and that is Paddington our other dog, who would be lost without Senorita.


Rev. Philip J. Kelly Pastor