Coco and I are writing this letter to thank you for the help that Frankie's Friends is providing for my little Coco. I won Coco's heart and he won mine, when I took him running with me while I was training for the army. He was originally my sister's dog and everyone could tell how much he loved me when I visited and took him out. The joy he has brought me and my family is irreplaceable and I love him very much. Although I am going through some hardship, God put Frankie's Friends here for Coco's joy to go on.

Coco was diagnosed with a Mast Cell tumor in the worst possible place, as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure he'd agree with me too. The cancer cell is on the tip of the prepuce and it is a very difficult surgery. I actually pawned all my jewelry for him to have this surgery. It was well worth it. My Coco has shown me unconditional love and has made me smile. He also made me cry when he was diagnosed. He has shown me how to love and my family and I love him very much.

I just want to thank Frankie's Friends again and every staff member at the NYC Veterinary Specialists hospital for the love, care and dedication that is brought to the table.  The staff may not always get the verbal appreciation they deserve, but it is definitely there on my part at least.

May God repay you and pay your generosity forward to you for all of your hard work. You have definitely given me and my family another chance and hope.

Thank you again.