I am so grateful to be a grant recipient from Frankie's Friends Zeus Varis Fund. My six-year-old Tortoiseshell Nepo, (or Monkey as she is more often called) was diagnosed with high-grade Gastrointestinal Lymphoma in January. Having adopted her as a five-week-old kitten, I expected to spend the next 20 years with my sweet beautiful cat. She is my first pet, and the bond I have with her is unparalleled to any other in my life. I am devastated by her diagnosis. With your support and the knowledgeable care she is receiving from the oncology team at NYC Veterinary Specialists, I can now get my Monkey the treatment she needs to live the rest of her little life happy and comfortable. Your gift will allow us to share more memories, kisses and have more snuggle-fests on the couch, and nothing is more important to me.

I thank you with my whole being. Monkey means the world to me, and I cannot express my gratitude enough.