Sweetface is our 13-year-old Pomeranian mix, who was adopted from a shelter almost 4 years ago. Sweetface has been a constant joy in our lives and is an important part of our family. We were delighted that he was the ring-bearer in our wedding this past October!

Sweetface had always been happy and healthy until about three weeks ago, when we noticed two small bumps on his neck. We were beyond devastated when he was diagnosed with lymphoma, and learned that without appropriate treatment, he would only have weeks to live.

Given our current financial situation, we did not have the resources to fully cover the costs for Sweetface’s cancer treatment. But because of your help, we were able to begin chemotherapy right away and, so far, Sweetface has been responding incredibly well.

We hope that 2012 will bring on many blessings and happiness, and that Sweetface will be healthy and live to be a part of the memories we will share together in the year(s) ahead! Thank you again for helping us!