In the waning days of the Iraqi war, Airman 1st Class Adrian Torres, a security forces gunner in the New York Air National Guard, provided the beginnings of a new life for a tiny pup stranded in the Iraqi desert.

While on duty, a puppy no more than a few weeks old was abandoned on the other end of a 12-foot concrete and barbed-wire barrier. Adrian and two of his buddies took in the puppy and named him Lucky.During his final weeks in Iraq, Adrian contacted an organization that arranged to get Lucky back to the States.  But while Lucky was fortunate enough to escape the war-torn country, he was soon facing another battle. After barely adjusting to life in the United States, Lucky became sick with

parvovirus, a highly contagious viral disease in dogs. Despite not having many resources to pay for Lucky’s care, Adrian knew what had to be done for his dog to survive. He went into debt to pay for the care. When the folks at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Queens heard his story, they contacted Frankie’s Friends for assistance. Between Frankie’s Friends and BluePearl, Lucky’s bill was paid.

Adrian said, “I worked very hard for the little money I earned overseas so it was such a blessing to have Frankie’s Friend’s help. A simple thank you will not suffice to show my appreciation.”