Clyde was diagnosed with thymoma and he went through a traumatic surgery that saved his life, but unfortunately broke my bank out completely. He received care at Blue Pearl in Tampa for almost 2 weeks after surgery. The prognosis was very bad to start off with but Clyde battled the odds (which at one point were less than 10%) and made it home.

Unfortunately for Clyde,  his tumor was so invasive they were unable to remove it all. Chemo was the recommended treatment and the help I have had from Frankie's Friends  has made it possible for Clyde to receive chemo. He is now 11 months post surgery and although so far the chemo hasn't managed to make him cancer free he is still enjoying life, which for Clyde means food and cuddles. We hope that with the new chemo protcol that we can at least keep him stable, and in our family for as long as he is comfortable.

Thank you so much for your help. I'm positive he wouldn't be here today without it.

Louisa Johnson

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