Sammi 02I would like to thank you for your assistance with our pet - Sammi (Samantha, Maltese). I don't think there is anything that I could ever write that could convey how much we appreciate what you did for our family. While under the care of Dr. Yakubik, we had an impossible decision to make. Let Sammi have Emergency Surgery or let her be put down. As Dr. Yakubik explained our options, we just could not let Sammi pass away without trying to save her. The cost of the procedure and surgery were beyond what we were capable of paying but because of Frankie's Friends (and Dr. Yakubik), we did not have to make that horrible decision.

In the end, Sammi sadly passed away approximately 24 hours after surgery. Thank you so very much for her giving her the possible gift of life. We will never forget Frankie's Friends!


Alan Weger Janice Appel

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