Rocky 1Rocky is my 2 year old boxer. If it wasn't for you guys he would not be here today! On the morning of March 23 2013 My Husband and I woke up to Rocky crying. At first we thought he just had to go out. Then we heard what sounded like he was in the tub and struggling to get out. When we walked out of our bedroom we seen Rocky on the bathroom floor underneath a pile of blood. Rocky was not coherent and I started freaking out.

My husband rushed Rocky to the ER and after transfusion after transfusion they saved his life. At this time we were paying for our upcoming wedding in April , we have baby at home and I'm a full time student who works part time. We had NO money. We went into our savings and borrowed money to save Rocky. We just couldn't do anymore. But, before Rocky was better he still needed more work and medication...... we were at a stop!

That's when we found out about Frankie's Friends. If it wasn't for this amazing foundation Rocky wouldn't of made it! We are not sure what exactly happen to him. The doctors say he must of got into something in the trash or outside. All I know is now he is home where he belongs and we take every percussion to make sure he doesn't get in to anything. While he was gone his older sister Belle (a puggle, 5 years old) got really sad and as soon as he came home she was like a new pup.Rocky and Bella

Rocky is also a big brother to my 1 yr old son, who loves Rocky! He will sit there for hours crawling all over Rocky and laughing and gives him hugs. Rocky is amazing with my son and will sit there and let Connor do whatever to him but will just kiss him constantly.

Thank you for all of your help!

Rebecca, Matthew, Connor, Belle & Rocky Goedderz!