Tinkerbell 1There aren’t enough words to express how thankful my husband and I are to Frankie's Friends. Tinkerbell is a 5 yr old Mini Dachshund who was in labor for the 3rd time. But this time she had 5 babies and being a mini with a small frame, 5 was more than what she can handle. Her 1st was a beautiful baby girl, the 2nd was a still born, 3rd was a blue dapple baby boy, and after an hour of her pushing no more came out. That’s when we took her to BluePearl.

20121108_213343-1After doing an ultra sound they found she had 2 more unborn babies, but by the way they were positioned they hadn't survived. That’s when they told us she would need surgery . Something we weren’t prepared for financially, it was either surgery or she would die. We tried every means possible. The thought of losing her was unbearable.

Then Dr. Harris told us everything has been taken care of by Frankies Friends. Today Tinkerbell is back to being her crazy hyper self as she was before.

Frankie's Friends, Thank You So Very Much ... we wouldn’t be the same without you !!!

Very Grateful,

Vazquez Family