Cassidy 2Dear Frankie's Friends, When I started thinking what to write about Cassidy for your foundation it occurred to me, I could tell you about all the people she has helped over the years, I realized that would take entirely too long. I could tell you how she helped me and actually saved my life as a service and companion dog. I have PTSD. There are some very good friends and family in my life but few and none are near by. Along with my diagnosis comes personality quirks and traits that make me difficult to love not to mention terrified to deal with everyday life. In the 13 and half years I've had Cassidy in my life she has never looked at me with anything but love and devotion. She makes me feel needed, wanted, and She "works" for me! She makes me laugh at myself and life. She seems blind to my negative qualities. She is an angel from above sent to make me a better person, to make me strive to reach outside my comfort zone. Saving Cassidy is expanding my world and making me continue to work at being a better person, to try to make a difference in some way. It is because of Cassidy that I have become a dog and cat trainer/nutritional specialist. I hope to help others realize that they too can find more in life through the love of a companion/service pet.

Cassidy 2Thank you for helping to extend her work and the tremendous difference she has made in the lives of all those she has touched. I am convinced her work is not done, with your generous donation she can continue touching lives and helping me each and every day. You are special people saving more lives than you realize when you help a dog or cat because no one pet ever touches just one other life. They are perfect, like babies and spread love in the same innocent, nonjudgmental way. They are our creators helpers bringing joy to the world one tail wag at a time.

Cassidy's care was funded by Frankie's Friends "Eddie Croman Fund" that assists pets with life-threatening heart or kidney conditions.