Williams, Pebbles pic2Thank you so much for the wonderful gift helping our family, on getting the very best care from Blue Pearl Veterinary Specialists. Our little Ms. Pebbles is only a 4-months old Chihuahua , a little over 2 pounds and spunky as ever. She walks like she's 10 feet tall next to her two brothers who are 50 and 70 pounds. She steals everyone's heart with her loving ways. When Pebbles had the terrible accident I was so upset, scared not knowing what to expect and we all know accidents are never planned. When I was told about how this wonderful blessing ( Frankie's friends ) would help us I was so happy, thankful etc... I am telling everyone about Frankie's friends. Pebbles had the surgery the very next day and she's doing great, slowly getting back to her spunky, sassy self. It's a true blessing for pet owners and pet lovers to have an organization like yours. Thank you.Williams, Pebbles pic3 Williams, Pebbles pic4 Williams, Pebbles pic1