Simone, Dutch pic2I wanted to write this letter to the trustees of the Dr. Agnes Varis Charitable Trust to say thank you for granting Dutch this opportunity. With the treatment that Dutch will be receiving, along with the very good prognosis thus far, you have not only given him a second lease on life, but have saved my life in so many ways. Dutch and his other daddy Greg, (who resides in a nursing home at this point in time, paralyzed from the waist down) and me, just lost Dutch’s sister Nazo to lung cancer. We were terribly devastated when we lost Nazo. Having had so much loss over the past 4 years, and having had so many life altering events as well as financial difficulties, it can be difficult to find the shred of hope, the ray of light that we all pray still exists in the world. You have given that hope back to us, which we may have found as lost. As Gregory and Dutch and I still continue on with our struggles, (my mom is now in the hospital in critical condition as I write this), you gave us joy today, Dr. Britton is also a wonderful person who is empathic, and understanding, with clear and articulate communicative skills. We appreciate her very much. I will continue to keep you posted on Dutch’s progress and will send a picture as soon as I am near a computer with a picture that I believe is worthy enough of this beautiful, gentle, loving tuxedo boy.Simone, Dutch pic1