phone_37722On Saturday, August 14, 2013, my sister and I had spent the day scrap booking at a friend’s house. Returning home around 9pm, we noticed fire rescue leaving the neighborhood and a sheriff’s officer across the street from the house. As we pulled into the yard, we were informed the back room of the house had caught on fire. My 9-year-old cat, Kitty Kat was in the room and had been taken, by fire rescue, to Blue Pearl emergency hospital. Upon arriving at Blue Pearl, I learned Kitty Kat was oxygen dependent due to smoke inhalation and was in distress. She needed to be placed in an oxygen box in ICU and monitored for lung functions. Kitty Kat was covered with soot and scared. She needed immediate care in order to survive.I am alive because of Tampa firedepartment, Blue Pearl and Frankie's Friends

Due to my recent hospitalizations, I was really unsure how I was going to be able to pay for Kitty Kat’s care. When I first spoke with the staff at Blue Pearl they were so understanding and non judgmental. Next thing I knew they had contacted Frankie’s Friends and a large amount of my bill was being taken care of. When I was able to pick Kitty Kat up and take her home, I found Frankie’s Friends had put even more money towards my bill. This generosity was more than I could believe, they are true angels.

If it had not been for the caring Tampa fire fighters, the loving staff at Blue Pearl and the generosity of Frankie’s Friends I would not have my sweet Kitty Kat today. Heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of you.

Candy Rosche