photoGizmo is a spunky 8 year old pomeranian/ papillon mix that I was asked to foster for a rescue 5 years ago. He had been badly abused, and because of this, he had some aggression issues. I worked with Gizmo and he learned to trust me. The rescue saw the bond that we had, so they asked me if I would be willing to keep him. I said of course! In June of 2013 I noticed that Gizmo's jaw was offset, he did not seem in distress, but the appearance was abnormal and seemed to have occurred out of nowhere. I brought him in to our regular vet to have him examined. Gizmo would not let them look in his mouth (Gizmo has quite the personality and if he does not like something, he will not cooperate), so I had to schedule another appointment for him to be put under anesthesia and have x-rays done.

At the next appointment, the x-rays showed that Gizmo had a severe fracture in his jaw. Our regular vet said that the surgery he would need was beyond what they were comfortable attempting so they referred us to Blue Pearl. I applied for Care Credit and brought Gizmo into Blue Pearl at the end of June. Dr. Hansen at Blue Pearl said that he had a mandibular fracture, possibly caused by peridontal disease, and that he was also in need of a dental. The cost estimate for his surgery far surpassed my financial abilities and the credit line I was approved for with Care Credit. I left in tears.

I applied to a couple other pet financial assistance groups, but they said that due to a lack in donations, they were only providing funding to immediate life or death situations. I asked a couple other vets if they would consider payment plans for his surgery, but they said no. In early August I felt that Gizmo's mouth was getting worse. I brought him into a vet clinic close to my house that I knew did payment plans. They determined that he had infected bone protruding from his fracture site. They said that they had never performed a surgery like this before, but that they were willing to do some research and attempt it. I agreed, but it made me very nervous due to the fact a couple other vets had said that his condition really needed a specialist.DSCF0950

I contacted Blue Pearl again to ask for a reference letter to write a couple more letters to financial assistance groups one last time. I received a call from an employee at Blue Pearl who asked if she could forward my information to Frankie's Friends. I said of course. I was amazed to get a call from Frankie's Friends just a few hours later. They told me that if I brought him back to Dr. Hansen and she agreed, they would provide us with a grant to help pay for his surgery! I called Blue Pearl as soon as I got off the phone with Frankie's Friends and we scheduled an appointment for his surgery less than a week later.

Gizmo has been doing wonderful since he got his surgery. His jaw will always be a little crooked, but he is healthy and happy and infection and pain free! We will be forever grateful for the financial assistance that Frankie's Friends provided for us. Without this assistance, Gizmo could not have received the care he needed.

DSCF0209When I am done with college and in a better financial state, we will be paying it forward so that someone else can benefit from this kind of kindness.

Thank you Frankie's Friends!

Katie and Gizmo