MollyFriday, Aug. 9, 1:30pm had arrived and the three of us were ready to meet this much discussed and wanted “new puppy.” Lydia had discovered her on the Hennepin County Humane Society website and on Wednesday determined we “needed” her. She had instantly stolen Lydia’s heart and would soon wiggle her way into the rest of the family’s hearts as well. She would move in where Tripey, our 13-year-old had passed away in May, had left. Well, 8-week-old “Blackie” enjoyed exploring our home. After three days and numerous name ideas later, “Blackie” was renamed Molly and starting to settle in. She was healing from her spaying surgery and adjusting to life without her littermates. Within a short amount of time, “little Molly Dolly” was able to crawl under the bed, on top of the clothes waiting to be washed, behind chairs, and on mom’s clutter. We had seen her with “dry, brittle, old mice” and most often got them away from her, even though she found them “quite tasty”. We were under the impression that the mice would not have enough poison in them to cause a problem, (boy were we wrong). When she became sick, we were alarmed. Lydia took her to Dr. Dave at the Normandale Vet and then on to the Emergency Vet in Eden Prairie. When we received the diagnosis we thought that we would lose her because we did not have the money to afford her care. Lydia called us back to say that Frankie’s Friends would help us with the bill. When Lydia heard that Frankie’s Friends would help us with $1000, she almost started crying right there in the ER. She could not believe that someone would be able to help her.

Molly2Today Molly is three and a half months old and doing great. She loves going to pick out her daddy from work, playing with her squeaky toys, chasing toes and slippers all over the house. One of her favorite games is scratchers, which is played on mom and dad’s bed and with hands under the blankets or pillows so that Molly can jump, dig and pounce at the hands. Now that Molly has grown she is not able to fit in some of the places that she fit as a tiny baby, and her family has cleaned up as many of the mice as we can find. Thank you so much Frankie’s Friends. We are so grateful to you for saving our baby. What a gift you gave us! Thank you seems so easy to say but we are truly grateful—you see, God had helped us find a rescue dog, and you at Frankie's Friends helped us give her a third rescue.