marleyMy family and I would like to start by thanking Frankies Friends for their generous donation.  We would also like to thank the wonderful staff at GVS, especially Dr. Sonnenfield.  Without her donation along with your's it would have been much more difficult to come up with the money for Marley's surgery.  Marley had a severe back injury and we found out that he was going to need serious surgery.  Deciding on whether or not to have the surgery was never an option.  We were just scrambling to figure out how we were going to come up with the money.  With much help Marley was able to have the surgery.  He is now home and well on his way to recovery.  Just a few days after surgery Marley was already standing, walking, and using the bathroom.  Our family cannot express how happy we are.  Marley is almost 6 years old and has been the baby of the family since he was six weeks old.  He sleeps in our bed every night.  Some people think dogs are just pets, our dogs are members of our family, and family does everything they can to take care of each other.  Marley has a long way to go, but we are excited about him getting back to the things he enjoys to do, like going for walks and swimming at the lake.  I know his sister Gracie (our Golden Retriever) is excited about having her brother back.  She has been worried about him.  Our family feels very blessed by the generosity of everyone who has helped our Baby Marley.  Thank you all so much!  You will never know how much your donations mean to us. 711 732