Max SteinThank you so much for the amazing work that your foundation does! As a long story short, my cat Max was very sick for weeks and was constantly in and out of BluePearl Clearwater. He went through a few small procedures that were costly and painful for us all. After those unsuccessful attempts to get him better, BluePearl offered a major yet pricey surgery that would most likely guarantee a normal, healthy life for him. At that point, I couldn’t gather any more funds or extensions to pay for the surgery but I wasn’t ready to give up on him. I asked that they keep him overnight to relieve some pain and keep him hydrated while I tried to figure out the best thing for him. That was a very hard and long night. The next morning, BluePearl called to let me know about Frankie’s Friends and that Dr. Kate Elliot had donated her funds from the Hope Fund to help save my Max. I was overwhelmed with emotion and cried nearly all day. Stein, Max pic2That was the nicest thing anybody has ever done for me and I am forever grateful for her and your generous foundation. Due to your excellent support, Dr. Elliot’s kind heart, and the staff of BluePearl’s hard work, my Max is back to his old self and full of life again! The vet says he’s now fully recovered and expected to live a much healthier life!

Thank you so much for your donation!!!! I will forever be a huge supporter and advocate for Frankie’s Friends and the people who make it possible.