Frankie's Friends, Where do I start? Almost six years ago my husband and I welcomed a new family member into our lives. He was a 38lb ball of fluff that would change our lives forever and his name was Bruno. It was love at first sight and a relationship that we knew would grow into something special. We both knew that we would have challenges and expense's that were going to be double what most would pay because he was going to be big. What we did not know is that we were going to run into hard financial times. You always think that is will never happen to you and when it does it seems like everything and anything goes wrong.We have had our ups and downs with Bruno's overall health, but we have always managed to make ends meet with paying for all his health care. I always tell him him that he is a lucky boy to have us as parents. I am not sure that another family would put so much time, effort and money into him and for that reason I think that is why he chose us with a kiss on the face the second we all meet.

The truth is our love for Bruno is so deep that we are happy to give him all our time even if it means giving up a little.  I am not sure if other pet owners feel like we do and maybe it's not normal, but we would not change the way we feel for anyone or anything.

So that brings us to a time where a little over three years ago Bruno had some bad luck and blew out his left knee and tore his partially right. The feeling of helplessness that one has when their pet is hurting is overwhelming. We knew that he had to have surgery and because of his size it was suggested that we go to BluePearl for a TPLO.  So we headed to the cities which is about a two and half to three hour ride and meet with Dr. Jackson. They gave us all the details and told us that he could come back in six weeks to have his other side fixed.

After the surgery and recovery time we new that his other knee was going to have to wait. It was going to be hard enough to just pay for this first one. Three years later and physical therapy almost every two weeks to manage his discomfort and pain we still could not come up with the funds to have his other knee fixed. I was looking over Bruno's folder of medical records and that is when I seen the Frankie's Friends brochure. I showed the brochure to Bruno's therapist and later that week I got a call from BluePearl. They informed me that the request had to come from the vet and that they already talked to Dr. Jackson and he would be willing to refer Bruno for help. Long story short they had to work some things out on their side and called me that day to give me the good news.

We were so happy and grateful that someone was willing to help us. When I got the call I cried, it is never easy to let your guard down and ask for help. We are so happy that we did ask and because of all the wonderful people that donate money and time for fundraising events Frankie's friends was able to help us get Bruno on the road to recovery. Words will never explain how grateful we are to Frankie's Friends.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!