In all of my life I never thought something as beautiful as babies could go so wrong. I have a Chihuahua mix Nola who had just given birth and a few days later I just returned home from work to find her clinging to life. I rushed her to my local veterinarian Kivisto Vet. After some tests it was revealed Nola needed surgery to remove her uterus and ovaries. She was already very low on blood so she needed specialty care at BluePearl Veterinary Hospital, her bill was not going to be small. Her pregnancy was complicated from beginning to end as she had a large litter of 6 puppies so I had already exhausted my resources financially plus more from family. My heart was crushed when I realized I was not going to be able to afford this life saving surgery for her. At the last second a nice lady at the hospital representing Frankie's Friends informed me they would be willing to help cover the cost of surgery. Nola is at home now taking care of her puppies who depend on her almost as much as her human family does. We all love her so much and appreciate everything that Frankie's Friends has done for us.