My many thanks to you and your organization for helping me save my 5 year old, double dapple Doxie named Sophie. When Sophie ruptured a disc, the wonderful vets at BluePearl Veterinary in NYC worked with her, and realized she would need sugery to correct the problem. Thanks to your organization helping me out financially I was able to afford to have the surgery done and she is is home, tail wagging and, while she may still walk like a drunken sailor on shore leave, she is walking on her own. I can't tell you what it means to me to be able to have my pup come home to me with such an optimistic outlook for a complete recovery. While she was inpatient I visited her at least once a day and watched her progress in healing. I would take her out of her kennel and settle her in my lap and brush her coat while she just relaxed and settled in. And through it all she never stopped wagging her flag of a tail.

It has been a year of great loss and emotional upheaval for me. Last July Sophie had her first incident wiht rupturing a disc and that was out first introduction to BluePearl in mid-town Manhattan. There we met Dr. Littener, head of Neurology, and Dr. Williams, who performed the surgery. It was a slow recovery for Sophie. Six weeks after that surgery I lost my partner and best friend of 14 years. Sophie was my comfort during this grieving process. There have been additional losses through the year and Sophie has been at my side all the way. When she ruptured a second disc, the thought of having to lose her because I could not afford to pay for her surgery was terrible and frightening. To add her loss to all the others was too much. Thanks to your generosity it didn't happen.

Now I have the challenge of breaking her of her natual inclination to jump up to greet me when I come home, not to mention her belief that she is superdog and can leap great heights in a single bound. I'm trying to comvince her to hang up her Super Dog cape, but you know how determined a Doxie can be.

Thank you so much for allowing me to retain my good buddy.