Dear Zeus-Varis Fund, I am writing to express our thanks for the generous funding you and Frankie’s Friends have provided our cat Samantha. Words cannot even express what the Zeus-Varis Fund and Frankie’s Friends have done for Samantha and my family. Your work is truly remarkable.

When we found out Samantha needed surgery, we were heartbroken. She is only five. We rescued her; at least that is what we thought. As time went on we have begun to think we may have got that wrong and perhaps in fact she has rescued us.

You see, we have had a multitude of problems in recent years that have knocked us down often. My mom had a cancer surgery and is undergoing treatment. We had raccoons in the attic for several months before we could get them out (safely) and part of my mom’s bedroom ceiling collapsed, forcing us to sleep on couches in the living room. Our insurance company was one of the only insurance companies that does not cover this type of damage.  We also have been faced with unemployment which caused our house to almost go into foreclosure.  We have worked hard to get a modification successfully. Through all the emotional and financial stresses, Sammy has been our joy and inspiration. She is the most loving cat who is truly our baby girl.  My mom, my brother and I love her beyond words.

Since the surgery, Sammy is more and more becoming her old self. I have enclosed a photo that shows her shaven little body. She has even put on some weight. My nephew likes this shaved look and thinks perhaps it might set a cat trend.

I am happy to let people know of the good you have done. As I mentioned in an email last month, I would happy to volunteer or if I am able in the future to do something to fundraise. I am praying that God will bless you all and the animals you are helping. You are a beacon of light like a sun shining bright.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   Hope lives through what you do.